Satellite revolving around moon and earth. Point masses. Rotating coordinate system, where earth and moon are on fixed position.

Low-Pass Filter


Electronic filter for damping high frequencies.

Violin String


Oscillating violin string with resonance body.

Wasser, Box, Dry Friction

A basin filled with water. The block on the right hand side is movable. The water pushes the block rightwards. In the beginning, however, the block stands still due to static friction. An amount of water is falling into the basin. This increases the force from the water to the block. The block starts moving. Dynamic friction applies as the block moves rightwards.

Longitudinal Wave


Mass points interconnected with springs. The point mass at the very left is stimulated by a sinus oscillation.

Balls in Box


Balls moving inside a box. Earths gratitation pull, impacts, air resistance, rolling friction.

RLC Circuit


Resonant circuit with damping consisting of a resistor (R), an inductor (L) and a capacitor(C).

Water Drop


A water drop simulation using a particle system. Water drop detaching from the ceiling.

Spring Double Pendulum


Point masses interconnected with springs.

Balls Falling into a Water Basin

Two balls falling into a water basin. On their way down, the two balls collide.

Longitudinal Wave with Reflection


Point masses interconnected with springs. The point mass at the very left is stimulated with a sinus oscillation for one period. The point mass at the very right is fixed.

Wave Generation

A basin filled with water. The block on the left hand side is shifted rightwards. This movement produces waves.

Collissions, Drop into Water

A ball falling into a container filled with water. On its way down, the ball collides with several rigid bodies.

Dripping Water

Water drips into a basin. The ball swimming in the basin is moved by the waves.

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