Programming physical simulations with Java is easy.

Physolator is an object oriented, Java based framework for physical simulation. Physical systems with their variables, formulas and derivation relationships are implemented in pure Java. The Physolator framework executes your physical system. It simulates your physical system step by step using numerical procedures.

Programming physical simulations has never been that easier. Give it a try! Get your first physical simulation up and running in ten minutes. The video tutorial explains how to do it.

video tutorial (10 min)

Physolator Free Edition Download

installation instructions

Current News

New Release: Physolator 1.0.5
Minor bug fixes.

Physolator-Forum now online!
Problems with the installation and configuration? Questions concerning the Physolator API? Sussgestions, Comments? Have a look at the Physolator forum!

New Physical Systems
Searching for new ideas about physical simulations? Have a look at the examples on this web-site. The set is constantly extended.

Software-Installer Now Available in German and English
The installer of the Physolator software package is now available in two variations: either with a German or an English user interface. The user interface of the Physolator software, however, is always in English.

STEM Exercises - Get Involved!

Interdisciplinary exercises from the science, technology, engineering and maths domains.

STEM exercises collage

It takes an interdisciplinary thinking to solve the exercises: physical modeling, programming, maths, geometry, graphics programming. The exercises will take you there. Get involved step by step. Learn how to build your own physical model and run it on your computer!

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