STEM Exercises - Get Involved!

Interdisciplinary exercises from the science, technology, engineering and maths domains.

STEM exercises collage

It takes an interdisciplinary thinking to solve the exercises: physical modeling, programming, maths, geometry, graphics programming. The exercises will take you there. Get involved step by step. Learn how to build your own physical model and run it on your computer!

It does not take a lot to get started. You should have some basic programming skills and sure you should know school level physics and maths knowledge. To solve the exercises you have to combine your know how from these domains. The exercises will strengthen your existing skills and help you to to go beyond: physical modeling, graphics programming, numerical mathematics.

The exercises have been designed for students both from school and university - and for everybody else interested in this topics. There are both very basic exercises as well es challenging ones. Awake your play instinct! There are different kinds of exercises addressing different kinds of topics from physical modeling, graphics programming to object oriented modeling. The exercises are numbered consecutively. However, you do not have to process them in the given order. Have a look at the annotations!
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